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      24H service hotline: 4000-232-110
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      Jiangsu Hengzhi Security Service Co., Ltd. (formerly Suzhou Industrial Park Hengzhi Security Service Co., Ltd.) has been transformed from a property company into a professionally qualified security service company. The company is currently in the industrial park, new district, Xiangcheng district, Wuzhong district, Taicang, Wujiang, Changshu, Kunshan and many other foreign-funded enterprises provide comprehensive property management services and individual security and cleaning services; they enjoy a certain reputation in the same industry. Mainly engaged in the security work of enterprises, agencies, factories and mines, commerce, entertainment, high-end residences, large-scale activities; and dog defense, technical defense, alarm, security monitoring, design, installation and construction; cleaning, greening, maintenance, and planting integrated properties the company.

      The company's senior management personnel all have a college degree or above, and have 3-10 years of security enterprise management experience, so as to ensure that the level of corporate management is among the best. Adhering to the army’s spirit of hard work and entrepreneurship, as of now, the number of security employees has reached more than 600, and the security service targets cover all walks of life in Suzhou, including large shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings, and well-known enterprises. A new type of tightly integrated air defense and technical defense. Security network system. Over the years, the company has adhered to the development path of "groupization, intelligence, and specialization" in accordance with the policy of "starting point, standard, and efficiency", and is determined to establish an excellent security company.

      While insisting on "down-to-earth, pioneering and enterprising", Hengzhi Company continues to develop the wider Suzhou market based on the business tenet of survival by reputation and quality, and reputation by service.

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    44. Contact: Mr. Zhou

      Mobile phone: 13739172722

      Landline: 0512-62804706

      Email: suzhou_hengzhi@126.com

      Address: 59 Weixin Road, Suzhou Industrial Park

      24H service hotline: 4000-232-110

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