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      24H service hotline: 4000-232-110
      Area security

      Hengzhi Security undertakes:

      Regional security services such as guards, patrols and guards (excluding armed guards) for residential areas, manufacturing processing plants, warehousing and logistics, factories, tourist resorts, high-end hotels, large shopping malls, various event venues, etc.

      Security guard stationed

      Security stationed services include security guard services, security guard services, security patrol services, special security services and other services. According to the different characteristics of various temporary activities of government agencies, enterprises, high-end residential areas, financial units, shopping malls, real estate communities, factories, schools, high-end hotels, restaurants, parking lots, etc., our company develops corresponding security guard services and guarding Service and patrol service plan, send professional security personnel to provide guard, patrol, anti-theft, guarding and other security services.

      Temporary Special Service

      (1)The company manages internal security on behalf of the customer according to the scope of authorization of the customer, and coordinates the work externally to ensure the smooth completion of temporary special services.(2)The company has the experience and ability to undertake large-scale events, such as the security activities of the "Urban Light Rail Commercial Economic Summit" forum.

      Doorman on duty

      Security guards perform duties verification and check registration services at the entrances and exits of customer units in accordance with the requirements of the service contract.

      Crowd order

      Security guards maintain public order in specific locations and places by guiding and controlling the crowd

      Special protection guard

      The service business of guarding and guarding specific targets by security personnel.

      Property Project

      With the continuous improvement of the living quality of the residents, the residents' requirements for property work are also constantly improving. High-quality property security services are an important guarantee for ensuring a good public order in the property management area. Therefore, our company cooperates with the property management company to be responsible for the safety and security work in the property management, and work together to create a safe and comfortable living environment for the owners.

      nspection Service

      Security guards conduct patrol inspections and guard services for specific areas, lots and targets.

      Greening maintenance

      Professional maintenance personnel carry out plant greening, and campus greening carry out professional care, including: watering, pruning, fertilizing, cleaning, insecticide and other services.

      Ordinary security

      Defending public security is a professional type of work whose main responsibilities are fire prevention, anti-theft, and personal safety in the area of responsibility. Through the implementation of the work of security personnel to ensure the safety in the fixed area, normal working order, public security order, and prevention in the first place.


      Personnel who use special tools for cleaning and maintenance, are engaged in waste removal, garbage cleaning, river bank facility maintenance, and urban environmental protection in streets, squares, large indoor gathering places and other places.

      Mid-range security

      The security guards are responsible for the daily patrols in the jurisdiction, promptly discovering and clarifying unsafe factors, and ensuring the safety of the jurisdiction. When patrolling security, you must have keen insight and rapid response capabilities, and be good at spotting potential dangers in the patrolling area. In particular, security guards patrolling at night must be careful and patient enough to ensure the safety of customers’ property and lives.

      High-end security

      Security personnel use scientific and technological means and equipment to design, install and maintain various alarm devices for customers' designated areas and targets, and provide alarm reception, early warning and other related preventive services.

      Contact: Mr. Zhou

      Mobile phone: 13739172722

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      Email: suzhou_hengzhi@126.com

      Address: 59 Weixin Road, Suzhou Industrial Park

      24H service hotline: 4000-232-110

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